Questions and Answers


Q: Do my child have to bring their laptop to school everyday?
A:The District Department of Technology suggested that students bring their laptops to school for the first month. For the month of September, the district is running updates on the computers, in which the computers can only receive the updates while in a district building. As we have witnessed the other week, it is uncertain when or if we will go back to virtual. Especially in the younger grades, student’s need to be versatile with blended learning as well as traditional learning, so we do not skip a beat if or when virtual is called. Nebinger students are always prepared for virtual learning because teachers continue to implement a blended model of teaching and learning. Teachers in primary grades are discussing a system for computer usage in the classroom so young students do not have to bring their laptops back and forth.

Q: What access do Student’s have online while in school?
A: The district’s server does not allow students to gain access to websites such as youtube. Students are not freely on their computers at any time. Teachers monitor and manage student usage. When student work is complete and if student independent work was assigned through the computer, students are not engaging in extending activities on the computer. Teachers will provide more detail on their instructional practices during back to school night.

Q: What are the lunch procedures at Nebinger?
A: All of Nebinger lunch periods have followed the same procedures for the past 6 years, which consist of a 45 minute period: 20 minutes eat, 20 minutes to play. In addition, our Assistant Principal,  Ms. Pomrink allows students who have not completed their lunch to remain in the cafeteria to finish eating. The students are reminded of this practice daily.

Q: What are the spacing requirements in classrooms?
A: The plexiglass is not a district requirement for the 21-22 school year. It is something Nebinger continued to add an additional layer of precaution and comfortability. Additional plexiglass was ordered 3 weeks ago. In the meantime, we are following the district guidelines of mandatory mask wearing and 3 feet distance in the classroom. Each classroom was also provided with face shields. Students can wear the face shields for an additional layer of precaution as well.