School Advisory Councils (SACs)

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What are SACs?

SACs are peer-elected, collaborative teams composed of family members, the school principal, teachers or other school-based staff, students (for schools with grades 7 – 12), and community members. SACs champion the work for improved student achievement, effective teaching in the classroom, parent and community engagement in the educational process, and communication and support between home and school. SAC meetings must be held at least every other month, and SACs must have data-driven, strategic conversations that center on the three primary focus areas for SACs.


Principal- Ayana Townsend                      Email:

Community Member- Lois Brink             Email:

Community Member- Debbie Stewart    Email:

Staff- Carmen Massa                                   Email:

Staff- Caroline Pomrink                              Email:

Parent- Kiera Williams                               Email:

Parent- Alyn Turner                                    Email:

Parent- Hani Dressler                                 Email:

Parent- Jeske Ruigrok                                Email:

Parent- Carla Brandoff                               Email:

Parent- Leigh Leonard                               Email:

Parent- Jason Sandman                            Email:

SAC Seats

FACILITATOR: Jason Sandman

ORGANIZER: Jason Sandman

SECRETARY: Jason Sandman

2024 Meeting Dates and Times 

(Second Tuesday of every Month at 4pm EST)

March 12th

April 9th

May 14th

June 11th

SAC running agenda and meeting notes/minutes can be found here