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Hello from the colorful and fabulous world of the art room! Feel free to reach out to me whenever!

Miss Grace’s Nebinger Art Room Needs

If you are able to provide any of the following needed items for the art room, I would greatly appreciate it! Many of these items are used for cleaning the room, cleaning hands, mounting and hanging art, and storage.

Amazon Wishlist:


Other needs for the artroom for future projects or cleaning needs:

-Small woodblock scraps 1”-4” assorted pieces/shapes

-Old but still usable house paint (brighter colors especially)

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Art Curriculum Focus

In the Nebinger Art Room, our lessons focus on the Social Emotional needs of the students. I strives to create lessons that focus on the students expressing their identity in order to create self-awareness, self-management skills, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. My goal is to create more empathetic, creative, and aware students. In the process, while teaching studio skills, I aim to also teach students studio habits of mind that can be applied to other aspects of their learning and lives. Ultimately though, I just want to help create KIND students. Students who make connections with each other and who care for each other.

In my art room, I use the National Art Standards to structure and guide my lessons.


All students’ art, completed or incomplete, will be posted on Artsonia. You can check your students’ work with parent access.

Nebinger’s Artsonia Page- Online  Student Art Gallery

  • If you need your student’s Artsonia account name and access code, please email or message Ms. Grace on Class Dojo

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