Nurse’s Corner

Check it out!! The nurse has a website now for housing important information! Way to go Nurse Jackson!!! Follow the link below:

Student Health Services

Shortly the nation will observe National Minority Health Month is designated for the entire month of April. Because of profound and persistent health disparities representative of gaping health inequities that manifest in chronic and catastrophic disease and early deaths among Black and Brown Americans; Forum Philly is appealing for your assistance.

To combat this pandemic worsened scenario, Forum Philly is collaborating with local healthcare providers and health systems to host topical free virtual one hour seminars toward reducing risks and punctually addressing health conditions among people of color. You can help by attending the upcoming phase one of the Back-To-Basics: Our Health and Wellness series. The series begins at 1:00 p.m., Thursday, April 7th and continues weekly on Thursday at 1:00p.m.until April 28th