ELA ( English Language Arts)



The Academic Framework

Nebinger Elementary follows SDP’s Academic Framework which provides high quality instructional guidance backed by educational research and best practices. It includes targeted support to reach all learners. Additionally, the Academic Framework offers the following:

alignment with the District’s vision, Goals & Guardrails to practice, implementation, and expected outcomes

the philosophy behind and strategies for inclusivity, community building, and relevant teaching

clear expectations for instruction and scaffolding supports for all students

connection between all expectations and actions to quality instructional programming



Instructional Resources:


 Grades K-3:  Lucy Calkins Units of Study- Reading and Writing Workshop

 Units of Study Framework 

Heggerty Phonics

Grades 4-8:  SDP ELA Curriculum Units

ELA 4-8 Unit Book List * Novels may be substituted per teacher request

Grades K-8:  I-Ready Reading – Online supplemental resource, supporting students at their instructional level.


Required Minutes:

K-5: 120 minutes

6-8:   90 minutes


Nebinger Elementary follows standards that are in alignment with the Philadelphia School District, State, and Common Core Standards.

*Parents, feel free to review the standards taught throughout the school year. The following links provide parents with with detailed description of each standard at each performance level( on-level, below level, and above level)

Kindergarten ELA Standards Year-at-a-Glance

1st Grade ELA Standards Year-at-a-Glance            5th Grade ELA Standards Year-at-a-Glance

2nd Grade ELA Standards Year-at-a-Glance          6th Grade ELA Standards Year-at-a-Glance

3rd Grade ELA Standards Year-at-a-Glance          7th Grade ELA Standards Year-at-a-Glance

4th Grade ELA Standards Year-at-a-Glance          8th Grade ELA Standards Year-at-a-Glance