The Academic Framework

The new Pennsylvania Science Standards ask students to repeatedly revisit the same core set of concepts, practices, and ideas throughout the K-12 grade span, developing a more complex understanding of each. Next Generation Science Standard Progressions show how each element of student learning develops over time. The next pages show examples of how Understanding Develops Over Time in all three dimensions.


Guiding Principles of Instruction

Science teaching and learning in the School District of Philadelphia is powered by student ideas and driven by five interrelated core principles:

1. Students are the scientists

2. Learning is three-dimensional

3. Phenomena drive the learning

4. Understanding is developed over time

5. Instruction is equitable and responsive

Instructional Resources:

Grades K-8 -Science Dimensions


Required Minutes:

K-5: 45 minutes

6-8: 45 minutes



Nebinger Elementary follows standards that are in alignment with the Philadelphia School District, State, and Common Core Standards.

*Parents, feel free to review the standards taught throughout the school year. The following links provide parents with with detailed description of each standard by grade level.


K-8 Science Standards & Scope and Sequence