Dismissal Procedures

AS Program – Parents who have a student in the AS Program are to temporarily park in specified locations in the front of the building. A Nebinger Staff member stationed outside will call for your child to be escorted to your car. Please do not park in locations specified for buses only.

Sibling Pick-Up – Parents who have more than one child attending Nebinger are Sibling Pick-Ups. Siblings will exit the building through the basement exit closest to 6th street. They will either meet parents in the schoolyard and exit through the school yard gate.

Kindergarten – Parents are to enter the building through the main entrance and sign students out from their classrooms at 3:05. If parents have a Kindergartner who has an older sibling(s), the older sibling(s) will sign the kindergartner out during sibling pick up and parents will pick up all children from the schoolyard at 3:09.

Kindergarten parents who drive, please park on 6th street or any empty space specified for parent pick up in the front of the building. Please do not park in spaces specified for buses.

Grades 1-8 – All students in grades 1-8 will be dismissed from the school yard. Teachers will escort their classrooms to their specified location marked on the school yard ground where students can be retrieved. Because parking space is limited, we encourage parents who are driving to pick students up in a timely manner from the schoolyard so space is available for other parents who are picking up children.